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Perfect for phase feeding of sows

  • Can be used for phase feeding of sows
  • Different feed mixes
  • Save feed costs
  • Optimal use of feeding system
  • User-friendly control unit
  • Simple and reliable
  • Lock for feed release if the sow has not eaten up
  • 6 l feed dispenser
  • Easy to adjust feed amount
  • Can be adjusted with feed in feed dispenser

With Master Valve Sow you can decide which distribution of feed mix should be given to the sows, and the system allows a distribution of the right feed at the right moment.

Ø75 mm outlet - can be used with a special Y-outlet, which makes it possible to be used with several dry feed units at the same time.

AIRTOP for VD6 - integrated feed valve strong
Article nr. 0222-650

Feed dispenser with integrated feed valve, complete
Article nr. 0222-655

EFFECT OF TWO MIXTURES during the nursing period
Animals team3232-
Amount of sows298322-
Piglets born, in total per litter18,418,10,377
Piglets born dead, % of the piglets born in total8,76,6<0,0001
Piglets mortality during the nursing period, %14,613,70,213
Total mortality, among piglets, %22,319,90,004

* The specified P-values indicate, whether the differences were statistically secure. Only at P<0,05 the effect was considered statistically secure.



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