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For new or existing farrowing pens

  • Large volume - 21 l
  • Can be mounted in existing farrowing pens
  • Durable and hygienic: heavy and closed edges, that resist even very heavy influences
  • No weldings that might cause leakiness
  • No blind corners, where feed and bacteria might accumulate

Article no. Tilt troughs
2100626Tilt trough kit stainless steel
2700626Tilt trough kit galvanized

Article no. Description
2100630Plastic kit for plastic trough
2900535Integrated downpipe for plastic trough
2100790Trough kit for stainless steel trough
2950666Sow trough, deep drawn stanless steel V2
2900711Sow trough with hole and integrated down pipe, left
2900712Sow trough with hole and integrated down pipe, right