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Heating Lamps for piglets and weaners
For equal heat distribution

Master Heater Provides more equal distribution of heat than traditional heat lamps. This ensures better feed intake and a higher survivel rate amongst piglets, as well as a reduction in use of medicin.

Master Lamp is the only heating lamp on the market that meets all requirements. It is Splash proof (IPX4) and Available with CE- and regular plug.

Master Heater

  • Reduced energy
  • Even distribution of heat
  • Waterproof IPX9K Approved
  • Life expectancy
  • Low fire risk

Master Lamp

  • The only heating lamp on the market that meets all requirements
  • Fine distance in dome shaped net< 50 mm
  • Bayonet socket - easy to mount on the cover of the creep box

Intelligent Heat Lamp

  • Saves up to 80 % of heat energy
  • Control via Android App
  • Easy to install without use of special tools