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Fastening tools for plastic slats
Slat anchors and screws

Our floor solutions are tailored to improve animal welfare and the efficiency of your operation. With two types of plastic grates designed specifically for pig pens and piglets, we ensure optimal comfort and hygiene for the animals.

  • Enhanced animal welfare with comfortable plastic grates
  • Improved hygiene for pigs
  • Tailored fasteners for secure installation
  • Operational efficiency for farmers
  • Specific designs for different needs
Article no.Description
30847Anchor M8 for plastic slats
90130847Anchor M8, large
30308073Buttonhead SS M8x120 w/o washer TORX 50
30308072Buttonhead SS M8x90 w/o washer TORX 50
30308071Buttonhead SS M8x70 w/o washer TORX 50
1900241Bolt-on fitting, 10 pcs.
Article no.Description
1900515Slat anchor 8 mm, green, 30x35x9 mm, excl. screws, set 10 pcs
17095Slat anchor 8 mm, green, set 10 pcs.
17129Slat anchor 10 mm, green, set 10 pcs.
18958Rhomb screw-anchor, piglet slats, set 10 pcs.