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Fixings for plastic slats

Anchor M8

  • for plastic slats
  • 8 x 90 machine bolt (Torx 50)

Article nr. 1900515

Slat anchor 8 mm, 30x35x9 mm, set 10 pcs

Article nr. 17129

Slat anchor 10 mm, green, set 10 pcs.

Article no.Description
30847Anchor M8 for plastic slats
90130847Anchor M8, large
308888 x 90 machine bolt (Torx 50)
308878 x 120 machine bolt (Torx 50)
30308071Buttonhead screw SS М8х70 w/o washer
1900241Bolt-on fitting, 10 pcs.

Article no.Description
1900515Slat anchor 8 mm, green, 30x35x9 mm, excl. screws, set 10 pcs
17095Slat anchor 8 mm, green, set 10 pcs.
17129Slat anchor 10 mm, green, set 10 pcs.
18958Rhomb screw-anchor, piglet slats, set 10 pcs.