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For pigs from 4kg

  • The best start for pigs after weaning
  • Increases feed and water intake
  • Stimulate the piglets to eat and drink
  • Ensures optimal growth Fills the trough when the sensor indicates it is empty
  • Always fresh feed and water Easy to clean
  • Reliable and easy to operate
  • Adjustable pause time from emptying to feed assignment
  • Possibility to adjust water volume
  • The trough is designed for pigs from 4 kg
  • Up to 60 pigs per feeder

Unique method to mix feed and water

Feeder with sensor
Baby Feeder is a feeder that can be used by even the smallest pigs from 4 kg. The unique design of the feeder makes it possible to mix feed and water inside the trough, which ensures better hygiene and cleanless. Feed automatically fills when sensor indicates that the trough is empty.

Our Baby trough is long, and it makes it easy to build it between the partitions in a pen. The trough dimensions, front height and width are adjusted to the smallest pigs.

Feed automatically fills when sensor indicates empty trough, according to the adjustable time frame.

Water and feed are mixed in the bottom of the trough.