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Troughs for pigs and feed tables for cattle

The special material composition and the most modern manufacturing technologies provide the ACO polymer concrete outstanding quality:

  • Continuous homogeneous material, no coating abrasion
  • Resistant to heavy mechanical loads
  • Hygienically smooth surfaces, low joint content
  • Very high dimensional accuracy and longevity

Troughs for pig farming
Master Trading troughs are designed for every age, weight class and production direction.

Article no.Size (h x d x b)Weight
Trough TS 28 V1844415/22 x 30 x 100 cm 36,5 kg
Trough TS-350166716,8/21,8 x 39 x 100 cm28,3 kg
Trough TS 360257118/30 x 41 x 100 cm34,5 kg
Double trough TS-470158518 x 53 x 100 cm29,5 kg
Double trough TS 410319118 x 46 x 100 cm28,7 kg
Double trough TS 500210118 x 58 x 100 cm34,5 kg

Troughs for cattle
Master Trading cattle troughs are adapted to the special physiology of the cattle feed intake.

Feed tableArticle no.Length, cm.Weight each.
KL 600965510030,0
KL 1001826810042,5
KM 600208060,024,0

Master Trading special troughs

Article no.Single Trough
09550T 35-50 for encased in concrete
09552T 35-60 for encased in concrete
18333T 36-49,5 with plug

Master Trading special products

Article no. Length, cm.Width, cm.Voltage, VPower, W
EL-heating plate 1758212040230130
Article no. Length, cm.Width, cm.Voltage, VPower, W
Water heating plate1263014050-240