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The original drinking cup

  • Anatomical design of the drinking cup
  • Good hygiene and low water waste
  • Drinking nipples can be adjusted
  • Increased water intake = increased feed intake
  • Abundant supply of clean water for greater growth, better feed conversion and less deseases
  • Low work consumption in daily operation and cleaning
  • Large water savings due to the adjustable nipples and less manure

The heaviest thickness of material in the market and closed, bend edges guarantee a very strong drinking cup, which lasts for years. The bend edges also prevents dirt accumulation and injuries. The rounded design ensures that there will be no blind corners and the closed design above prevents dung in the drinking cup and thereby it will always be clean. The water nipple is placed in the bottom of the drinking cup and releases only the amount of water that is actually drunk. This means considerable water savings and considerable reduction in the quantity of slurry.

DescriptionArticle nr.ForPigs per cupMounting height*
Mini DRIK-O-MAT93570Weaners3012 cm
Standard DRIK-O-MAT93575Finishers32,5 l14,3 cm
Multi DRIK-O-MAT93600WTF and sows30 weaners
20 finishers
10 sows
12 cm
12 cm
35 cm
Maxi DRIK-O-MAT93500Sows1035 cm

* from floor to cup lower front edge. NB: Water pressure at nipple cannot exceed 2,5 Bar.

Single drinking bowl/DRIK-O-MAT on board profile
Article nr. 93626

Single drinking bowl/DRIK-O-MAT on 10 mm plate
Article nr. 93666

Single drinking bowl/DRIK-O-MAT on bars
Article nr. 93632

Drinking bowl/DRIK-O-MAT on wall
Article nr. 93638

Double drinking bowl/DRIK-O-MAT on board profile
Article nr. 93628

Double drinking bowl/DRIK-O-MAT on 10 mm plate
Article nr. 93668

Double drinking bowl/DRIK-O-MAT on bars
Article nr. 93670



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