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Sow crate with extra space even for the largest sows

  • Maximum space for weaners at nursing period
  • Simple and efficient adjustment of the sow crate
  • Plastic coated soft rear gate - comfortable for sow
  • Extra large piglet nest for later weaning
  • Also delivered as sideways pens

Pen length260/270 cm
Pen width160/165/170 cm
Pen height50/100 cm
Crate length230/250 cm (incl trough)
Lying length200-210 cm
Soft rear gateDurable rounded design
with soft plastic coating
Trough capacity20 l - stainless trough Bioform III
24 l - polymer trough
21 l - plastic trough
Piglet nest width80/90 cm
Piglet nest length120 cm
Piglet nest height40 cm