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Feed Dispensers for Dry Feeding | Phase Feeding
Components for modern pig production

Explore top-quality feed dispensers for pig farming, designed for efficient and precise feeding. Discover our range of durable, easy-to-use dispensers suited for various pig breeds and farm sizes.

VD2 feed dispenser is made of plastic, providing long life and minimum maintenance.

VD5 is made of plastic and thus stainless. The construction is at the same time very simple - free of fragile mechanics and demanding minimal maintenance. It is simply clicked onto the feed pipe and locked in place using two clips without the need for tools.

VD6 is our plastic feed dispenser for 60 mm system with capacity up to 6 / 8 liter. The feed dispenser has our well-known release sysem with flap. The system can release feed with minimum force. Simple design, but at the same time good functionality and a competitve price.

The release system is combined with a slide allowing adjustment of the feed amount even when having feed in the dispenser.