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Master Heater Heating Lamp for Piglets
Reducing energy consumption in pig barns by up to 50%

  • Reduced energy
    Reducing energy consumption in the stables by up to 50% when combined with dual control.

  • Even distribution of heat
    Providing more equal distribution of heat than traditional heat lamps. This ensures better feed intake and a higher survivel rate amongst piglets, as well as a reduction in use of medicin.

  • Waterproof IPX9K Approved
    Easy to clean and maintain. A high pressure cleaner is used for cleaing the Master Heater which means you don't have to disassemble the Master Heater. This helps in maintaining a high hygiene level.

  • Life expectancy
    As apposed to traditional heating lamps there is no use of incandescent bulbs for the Master Heater. 1 year warranty.

  • Low fire risk Master Heater obtains a lower temperature than traditional heating lamps, which reduces risk for fire.