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Cast iron flooring

For the use in partly slatted farrowing pens, Master Trading offers cast iron flooring made of spheroidal iron with 10 mm, 13 mm and 16 mm slots. Gratings of spheroidal iron have better “micro“-roughness then plastic gratings. The advantage is a better stand of the sow without minor comfort. There is a special type of gratings with anti-slip dents. The advantage is an optimal sure-footed surface.

  • Slightly rough surface makes the slat slip-resistant
  • T-shaped ribs ensure optimum manure passage
  • Large cleaning opening
  • Hard surface and minimum surface area
  • Long lifetime - good for both environment and economy
  • Same bearing surface and height as triangle slats, that can easily be replaced
  • Self-supporting = low mounting costs

Beam: 10 mm
Slot: 11 mm

800 x 400 x 30
900 x 400 x 30
1000 x 400 x 30
1100 x 400 x 30
1200 x 400 x 30
1400 x 400 x 30
1600 x 400 x 30
Beam: 12 mm
Slot: 13 mm

1200 x 400 x 30
1400 x 400 x 30
1600 x 400 x 30
1800 x 400 x 30
2000 x 400 x 30
Beam: 30 mm
Slot: 15 mm
Cleaning opening: 40 mm
1600 x 400 x 30



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