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Flex Auger

Flex Auger is a transport system for delivering feed from a silo to a barn and for feed transportation inside the barn. The Flex Auger can be used along with a feed chain system or you can distribute feed directly by means of flex auger. The feed comes from the clear funnel under the silo.

There is a lot of diffenet options regarding the desig of the system, for example, is possible to use feeders like Turbomax or Box Feeders. It can be a single system or a doublesystem, both options are available with either 75 mm or 90 mm.

Flex Auger helps to keep trucks away from the houses, thus improving biosecurity on your farm.

Brochure 0170-860 PACKAGE NO6 INLET/OUTLET 75 /90MM 0170-820 PACKAGE NO3 INLET 75 / 90MM 0170-825 PACKAGE NO3 DOBBELT INLET 75 / 90MM 0170-830 PACKAGE NO4 TRANSITION SILO 0170-883 FLEX AUGER 90MM