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Fiber plates
Durable material for pig housing equipment

  • Strong and durable compact plate with a thickness of 10 mm
  • Smooth surface, easy to clean
  • Different hole sizes, elongated circles
  • Round or squared edges
  • Chamfering
  • Maximun size: 130 x 420 x 1 cm
  • The plates come in a light grey color
  • Individual design / according to your drawing (private label)
  • EN438 certificate

Made in Denmark

Fiber plates are being processed in Denmark. Our CNC machine can make many different solutions, for example, chamfering. We can also deliver fasteners and handles for the penning equipment.

Quality test

The quality is very important, therefore the fiber plates are going through several tests to make sure the quality is at the top. The tests take place in Denmark and include the following procedures:

  • Thickness control
  • Measurement of the plate's resistance to immersion in boiling water
  • Test of the plate's resistance to impact
  • Test of the plate's flexibility
  • Test of the plate's flexibility (II)
  • Test of the hardness of the plate in surface and core



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