For Ø60 mm system, with flap

  • Capacity 6, 8 or 10 l
  • Feed amount can be adjusted as low as 0,5 kg
  • 3 types of bottom hopper
  • No bridging
  • Simple design
  • Competitive price

Feed dispenser with our well-known release system with flap; minimum effort is required to release the feed.

Due to the special design, it is possible to adjust the feed as low as 0,5 kg.

The release system is combined with a turn handle, so that the feed amount can be adjusted up and down.

Simple design and at the same time good functionality as well as a competitive price.

Feed dispenser can be combined with 3 different types of bottom hopper.

Capacity: 6/8/10 l
Outlet: Ø75 mm