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Maximum Protection

  • More weaned piglets and higher weight at weaning
  • Anatomic design of the crate ensures a safe movement
  • The piglets have free access to the utter
  • Durable sows, natural behaviour
    50 cm
  • Maximum feed and water intake
  • Large hygienic trough and crate design, that makes
    it easy for the sow to get up

Pen length260/270 cm
Pen width160/170/180 cm
Pen height50 cm
U-profiles1,5 mm stainless st.
Board profiles35 x 500 mm
Lying length200-210 cm
Width farrowing crate, front52-61 cm
Width farrowing crate, rear gate57-85 cm
Height crate side90 cm
Farowing crate trough rail40 x 40 x 4 mm
Crate side33,7/42,4 x 2,65 pipe
Volume trough21 liter
Piglets nest width80/90 cm
Piglets nest area0,7/0,8 m2



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