We offer complete flooring program for your barn. Our plastic and cast iron slats have been on the market for 30 years and they are under constant development and optimization.


We offer feeders for all age groups - easy to mount and easy to use. The feed containers are designed to ensure optimum utilization of the volume and allows filling from low height.


Components for modern pig production

Our product program is trendsetting within modern pig production. You can view all our products and download our catalogues, and please dont hesitate to contact us for any information

MASTER TRADING’s great values are: Usability in the stall, Animal welfare, Design, Optimal logistics and Competitive prices. Our office is located in Herning, Denmark, where you also can visit our showroom and see the wide range of our products.



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Here you can see and download our new catalogue. It contains our latest assortment of professional components for modern pig housing.




Complete plastic and cast iron flooring program and related accessories. Well-proven through decades. Our flooring product range is under constant development and optimization, and consists of multi-compatible plastic slats, cast iron slats, self-supporting slats and heating plates.

Dry Feeding

TUBE-O-MAT is the optimum feeder for weaners, finishers as well as for wean-to-finish. The feeding principle considers the natural rooting behaviour, as the pigs have to activate the feeder to get feed.

Water Supply

The drinking cup has rounded shape, which ensures that there are no blind corners, and the closed design on top of the cup prevents dung in the drinking cup. It helps always to keep the cup clean.